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Instructions for use 

Clean the inside of your shoes thoroughly taking care to remove any sand stone or other sharp objects.
The gel sole should be placed shiny anti-slip side down.
Each pair of gel soles covers a range of sizes and are designed to be trimmed the toe end of the insole to suit the size of the shoe.

When trimming use sharp scissors carefully ensuring that the gel pouch is not punctured during this process use the embossed cutting sizes and guides on the insult to help.


Heating your insoles

Placing hot water not above 70°C for 10 minutes prior to use or put them on the radiator 

do not heat in the microwave oven.

Cooling your insoles

Place in a freezer for two hours prior to use


Cleaning your insoles

Clean your gel soles using soap and warm water 


Care when cutting your Gel soles to size

When you are cutting your gelsoles, use sharp scissors to ensure that there is no frazzling of the edge. The insoles will not be damaged when cutting is done carefully. Cut along the outline on the outside of the line first to prevent the insole being too small (as some shoes will vary slightly from their stated size). The insole can then be further trimmed to fit. Always try you gelsole before cutting then.

Caring for your Gelsoles

Our gelsoles are not machine-washable. We recommend you to clean your insole every couple of weeks, wipe the insoles with a warm soapy cloth (do not soak). Ensure you dry them out fully before placing them back into the shoes.


Enjoy walking 

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